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Translation, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is ‘the activity or process of changing the words of one language into the words in another language that have the same meaning’. As a freelance translator, my commitment is to make it easier for my clients to reach their audience through my translations from Spanish, English, French and Portuguese into Italian and from Italian, English, French and Portuguese into Spanish. My goal is to ensure that their texts not only remain faithful to their original identity, but also impeccably convey the original message into the target language.

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Proofreading consists of a meticulous analysis of the translated text by another professional working in the same language with extensive experience in the specific field. Its goal is to correct and refine the original translation to guarantee the excellence of the document. My extensive career as a freelance translator gives me the skills and knowledge required to review the work of fellow colleagues, delivering texts of the highest quality to my clients.

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Post-Editing (MTPE)

Machine Translation Post-Editing, also known as MTPE, is a process in which a machine-generated translation undergoes careful review by a specialized linguist. The goal is to refine the text and ensure that the final work meets the client’s expectations. I offer two types of post-editing:

  • Light post-editing: We make minimal adjustments to the automatic translation to ensure that the result is understandable for the end user. We maintain the focus on fidelity to the original content.
  • Full post-editing: The automatic translation undergoes an in-depth and exhaustive review. We correct aspects such as tone, punctuation, text style, and grammar. If necessary, we also carried out a cultural adaptation to the target language. The result is a translation of equivalent quality to that produced by a human translator.

Trust my post-editing services to obtain translations of the highest quality, tailored to your specific needs.


It is a technique that involves converting the content of a video or audio into written text. The transcriber carefully listens to the material, noting it word by word to create a text document. Its applications include improving the SEO of multimedia content, facilitating meeting attendance, transcribing expert or celebrity interviews for publication in print media, and transforming the content of online courses into text format, allowing students to access it both in video as well as in written form.

My main fields of work

Sectors in which I'm specialized

Airplane, Plane, Trip, Travel


With a passion for travel that has led me to explore more than 18 countries, I specialize in translations for the Travel and Tourism sector, collaborating with renowned clients such as RIU Hotels & Resorts, Exclusive Traveler Club and TUI.

Dress, Fashion, Wedding dress, Wedding


For the past 8 years, I have specialized in the Fashion and Beauty sector, working for some of the most influential and recognized brands in the industry, including Inditex, Desigual, PDPAOLA and ISDIN.

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As an authentic Italian and passionate lover of good food, I have an extensive career in translations related to the Gastronomy sector, ensuring that each dish on restaurant menus and every recipe is described in an appetizing and genuine way.

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4. Marketing

My passion for marketing has led me to assist companies in translating and adapting their texts for the Italian and Spanish markets. My approach goes beyond mere words; it focuses on capturing the essence of the brand and effectively conveying it to Italian and Spanish consumers through advertising messages strategically tailored for success.

Although my professional career led me to specialize in these fields, I also offer my services for texts from other sectors: