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My name is Claudia Carroccetto and I am a professional translator. I work with Italian, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese

I have translated texts for:

“Words travel worlds.
Translators do the driving”

(Anna Rusconi)

Hello, I am
Claudia Carroccetto 👋

I am a passionate professional translator with an innate love for communication and an insatiable curiosity for world cultures.

Why choose me?

⭐ My values

As a dedicated professional, I guarantee the highest quality and consistency in all the texts
I translate.

I work closely with my clients to address all their needs and expectations, ensuring a personalized

As a freelance translator, I can quickly intervene in any phase of the project to solve any problems that may arise, which significantly reduces delivery times.

My main fields of work

My specialization fields

Airplane, Plane, Trip, Travel


Dress, Fashion, Wedding dress, Wedding


vine tray wine glass


earth globe modern

4. Marketing

Although my professional career led me to specialize in these fields, I also offer my services for texts from other sectors:


What my clients say

Find out what my clients say about my translation services. Their experiences are the best proof of the quality and commitment I offer in each project. These words testify the strong relationship of trust that we have built in the scope of global communication. Explore their testimonials and join those who have already experienced the difference!

“Claudia is very fast, efficient and precise. The way she works and takes on her translations is remarkable. She always makes sure to choose the most appropriate term for each case. She also adapts very well to deadlines and does everything possible to prioritize emergencies when necessary. It is a pleasure to work with her.”
Laura Amaya

Editorial Production and Marketing Coordinator at a Leading Publisher in the Art Industry

“Claudia is a real professional when it comes to the translation. She wants to deliver a perfect job, and is very thorough in her researches.”
Nelson De Oliveira

Head of Sales, skriptó

“Claudia is very professional and creative. Her translations from English to Italian are of excellent quality. We are very happy to have her on our My Best Book family!”
Joana Matias

Country Manager Portugal / Spain, My Best Book

“At Emburse Captio we need texts translated into several languages, one of them being Italian, which is one of our main markets. To accomplish this, we have the assistance of Claudia, who has been able to understand our industry and translate our content in an engaging and intelligent way.”
Neus Figueres

Product Marketer, Emburse Captio

“Claudia has translated thousands of words into Italian from the fashion and marketing industry. She is an excellent professional, with a high degree of involvement in her work. Her communication during the more than 7 years of collaboration with her is excellent and she is always willing to facilitate collaboration to deliver the client’s requests on time.”
Sara Valls

Vendor & Quality Manager, Kobalt Languages SL

“Claudia is an amazing translator. She replies to e-mails very promptly, her work is excellent and she always complies with her timings. Over the more than 8 years that we have been working together, she has always shown an interest towards any doubts we may have had and has offered a solution for our needs. She pays great attention to context and she always finds the best option. The quality of her translations is unquestionable.”
Marta Tatché Canals


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